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Get Clean and Fresh Upholstery Again with Expert Couch Cleaning Wellard Services

Couches, sofas, and lounges are all upholstered furniture that beautifies your living space. However, with time, all upholstries need care and maintenance. And if you are someone in need of upholstery cleaning Wellard service, call us! We offer thorough upholstery and couch cleaning services across the city. To extend the life and durability of your upholstered belongings, we offer steam cleaning, hot water extraction, stain removal, deodorization and furniture fabric protection services. So, schedule a same-day cleaning service booking with us now! We serve all nearby areas and our bookings are open 24 by 7.

About Perth Upholstery Cleaning

At Perth Upholstery Cleaning, we have expertise in cleaning and beautifying the original freshness of your old and dirty furniture. With over 25 years of experience as cleaning industry leaders, we pride ourselves on serving the best-quality cleanings. Our cleaners use the latest technology and equipment for effectively and efficiently cleaning fabrics. From linen, cotton, leather and silk, we are capable of cleaning all kinds of upholstery fabrics. Moreover, our upholstery cleaning team consist of experienced and certified technicians only.

Expert Upholstery Cleaning Wellard

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Why Cleaning Your Upholstery Every 6 Months is A Must?

An upholstered item should be deep cleaned every 6 months. However, if you do not use some of your upholstered items that often, then the cleaning can be done once in 12 months. You may not realise it, but there is a great need for upholstery and Furniture cleaning at scheduled intervals. Have a look at how beneficial it is to get the cleaning done from the pros below.

Maintaining Hygiene

Regular Couch Cleaning assists in maintaining a hygienic indoors. The cleaner your couches are the better, hygienic and welcoming the environment gets.

Prolonging Furniture Life

Not only does cleaning your furniture help in maintaining a good appearance but also helps in prolonging its life. Regular cleaning of sofas, couches, lounges, etc. adds to the longevity of the item.

Improving Air Quality

Clean and fresh upholstries through professional upholstery cleaners also help in improving air quality. So, if you are observing bad smells and allergies or asthma, we suggest getting a timely professional cleaning.

Preserving Appearance

To keep your upholsterie’s material and appearance intact, we recommend an on-time cleaning service. Also, regular vacuuming is helpful.

Preventing Mold and Mildew

Mould builds during moist climates. If your upholstery is prone to mould and mildew deposits, regular cleaning can help you a lot. You should also take an expert mould removal service from time to time.

Enhancing Comfort

When you maintain and take proper care of your upholstered furniture, you can enjoy its comfortable feel over a long time. And using professional cleanings every 6 months helps in enhancing and preserving comfort.

Protecting Investment

Not all can afford to replace upholstery every year, however, you can take advantage of regular upholstery cleaning. The upholstery steam cleaning is suggested for a fresh look and feel.

Family and Pet Health

Family members and pets may fall sick in dirty indoors with dull-looking upholstery. However, this situation can be reversed with scheduled furniture cleaning at regular intervals.

Professional Cleaning Effectiveness

Using Upholstery stain removal and professional cleaning methods, experts offer revitalized upholstery. Rely on certified cleaners to deep clean, stains, dirt, smell and spill removal treatment. The experts end the cleaning process by adding fabric protection to your furniture.

Why Us For Upholstery Cleaning Wellard Service?

With our professional touch, your upholstery is refreshed and revitalized. Call our couch cleaning Wellard team to experience the following benefits.

  • Reliability: We are punctual at work and ensure satisfaction and convenience every time.
  • Locally Based Team: Being familiar with Wellard lets us address your location and cleaning needs quickly.
  • Eco-Safe Cleaning Solutions: Enjoy cleansing upholstery with our use of eco-friendly and non-chemical-based cleaners.
  • Affordable: We have kept our pricing affordable and genuine for all. There are no hidden charges as well.
  • Modern Cleaning Equipment: We ensure keeping ourselves up to date with the latest technology and modern cleaning equipment.
  • Customised Service: We believe every upholstery cleaning Wellard needs is different so we offer a tailor-made cleaning plan and take action accordingly.
Couch and Upholstery Cleaning Wellard Service

Our Key Upholstery Cleaning Wellard Services

We are the best-rated upholstery cleaning company in Wellard by our customers. Having thousands of happy clients and adding every day, keeps us motivated to serve you with the best in class upholstery cleanings. Check out our most called upholstery cleaning options below.

Sofa Cleaning Wellard

We erase smell, stains and odour with our special sofa cleaning service in Wellard. So, enjoy an inviting and fresh living space and call us for a professional sofa cleaning treatment today! We offer same-day service across Wellard.

Chair Cleaning

Say bye to deeply settled dirt and grime and welcome a soft and comfortable seating experience. Call us for chair cleaning expertise now. We also use eco-friendly solutions for cleaning.

Couch Cleaning Wellard

We have the best and most trained team to offer couch cleaning services. Using the latest tools, pet-friendly cleaners and tested methods, we give your couch a professional clean and leave it with a more enhanced appearance and comfort.

Couch Stain Removal

Banish old stains from your upholstered belongings with our stain removal treatment in Wellard. We ensure the removal of stains like ink, wine, blood, paint, vomit, pee, food, oil, grease, etc. So, if your chair, lounge, sofa, couch, etc. is facing a staining problem, call us now!

Lounge Cleaning Wellard

Using steam cleaning, we provide a deep lounge cleaning service. We also make sure to remove all kinds of issues like stains, smells, mould, mildew, grime, etc. We are your all-in-one lounge cleaning service solution in Wellard.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Give your delicate leather upholstery a new revitalised look by availing of our leather upholstery cleaning service. We use gentle yet effective methods of cleaning to deeply nourish and restore your leather as well as enhance its look and durability.

Book Pocket-Friendly Local Upholstery Cleaning Wellard Service

Get in touch with the professional and most affordable upholstery cleaning Wellard team today! Our pricing is set as per your cleaning requirements. And, we ensure our quotes are budget-friendly, every time.

When you engage the experts at Perth Upholstery Cleaning, you can be sure that your property is in safe hands because our amiable and knowledgeable staff members are highly trained and police-checked. As we have local staff thus able to provide you with time as well as the finest service after all our cleaners are well aware of the issues faced by clients

Do not hesitate to call us to get customised service and a free quote ready over the phone.


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    Yes, we offer commercial upholstery cleaning services as well. No matter wherever your office location is, we can help you with a same-day or scheduled service. In addition to offices, we also offer cleaning services to schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, etc.

    Depending on the sofa cleaning method we use, the time of drying may differ. Hence, on average, we suggest you use your sofa after 24 to 26 hours of cleaning. You must check the dryness of your sofa. For more queries, you can feel free to ask our technician at your convenience.

    It depends on the kind of upholstery, you may observe a very light smell. However, this smell takes about an hour to dissipate but varies depending on the air, humidity and heat inside the room.


    My furniture looks fantastic now

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    17 April 2023

    I recently moved into a new home and needed my furniture cleaned before the move-in. This company’s upholstery cleaning service was a lifesaver! They were flexible with scheduling, arrived on time, and did an excellent job.

    S. Nigro

    Happy with the results

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    17 April 2023

    I had some tough stains on my chairs that I thought were impossible to remove, but this company’s upholstery cleaning service did the job! The team was knowledgeable, and reliable, and took the time to explain their process.

    L. Thomas

    Impressed with their attention to detail

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    17 April 2023

    I’ve used this upholstery cleaning service multiple times now and have always been impressed with their attention to detail and thoroughness. The team is friendly, and professional, and always leaves my furniture looking like new.

    A. Simmons